Thekiantra Morriston
December 21, 2022

For Nextlivin, Protecting Your Tenant's Personal Data is Important

Different countries around the world have different data protection laws, and others don't even have any. The security of the personal information of students and staff should be a top priority wherever you are in the globe, data protection legislation or not. It is legitimate to wonder why data protection is vital; laws are meant to keep us safe, and if your country has not yet implemented data protection laws, they may appear unnecessary. But as time has gone on, countless nations have joined the data protection bandwagon after realizing the danger that malevolent cybercriminals pose to its data subjects. Here are five reasons your organization need to care about safeguarding your personal information:

Keeping information out of the wrong hands.

When we talk about personal data, we're referring to the information you manage, handle, and utilize for third-party services as well as within your organization. This applies to all of your current and former tenants, employees, company, and staff members. The safety and security of your tenants will be a top priority for your organization as a building/property management. However, identifiable and special category data can be just as deadly as physical threats if it falls into the wrong hands. It's quite simple to view a user's data as nothing more than a string of 0s and 1s.

Online attack

The risks that your tenants and employees face online should be sufficient justification for you to wish to safeguard them. Malware, phishing, identity theft, data leaking, and ransomware assaults are the most frequent ones we encounter. Even if you haven't experienced a data protection incident yet, you should plan on doing so eventually. Your organization may suffer if your systems are compromised, which could keep your property closed for a long time. It is crucial to map your data, evaluate the level of risk associated with the services you are using and your processing activities, and have mitigating procedures in place to prevent cyber security incidents or to lessen their impact on your organization should they occur because there is such a high risk to personal data when it comes to cyber attacks.


Lack of the proper mitigating processes might be harmful when you experience a data disaster or breach. Additionally, this may be perceived as a lack of concern about data security by present and potential tenants. For instance, if a cyberattack occurs and renters' financial information is stolen, their finances are directly attacked. The parents of the existing tenant might decide to leave the property if this were to occur since they would feel unprotected there. After this breach is publicized, potential tenants may perceive the property's security in the same way, harming the property's reputation. This has a two-way effect: if your company can show that it is securing renters' data, you can highlight your accomplishments in the security of your subject data and lure in more tenants. A sufficient level of data protection within the property demonstrates a greater degree of care and safeguarding, which is appealing to potential tenants and contributes to your apartment's improved local reputation.

The inevitable adoption of data protection laws

Around the world, data protection laws have been surfacing, and as nations advance digitally, so do their corresponding laws and policies. The announcement of Indonesia's Personal Data Protection Act is recent. The Indonesian government declared the implementation of appropriate data protection regulations to correlate with rising data intake after realizing the risks linked with increased technology usage.

Mental calm

A data incident or breach requires time and stress to recover from. It is difficult to predict how long your systems might be offline when they are penetrated by an attacker without the proper frameworks and mechanisms in place. Everyone agreed that losing access to network-connected IT services would create "substantial disruption." This is according to research from the National Cyber Security Centre. This agrees with the anecdotal stories we've heard over the past 12 months. This demonstrates the value of data protection and cybersecurity within your company. Your company will be more prepared to restore your systems to operation if it has adequate business continuity planning and is safeguarded from system intrusion.

With these five considerations in mind, it is clear that data protection concerns more than simply laws and legalities, and it is your organization's duty to safeguard tenants from internet dangers. Use the "Contact Us" button up top to get in touch with the team if you'd like to share your experience.

By visualizing where your subject data is exchanged and taking action when a risk has to be addressed, Nextlivin will enable you to make sure that you are documenting and understanding your data processing. Big and small property management companies throughout the world rely on Nextlivin software to show accountability and privacy compliance.

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