Thekiantra Morriston
February 22, 2023

Why Can't Building Managers Fulfill Every Request?

Building managers are the unsung heroes of the property management world. They work tirelessly to keep buildings running smoothly and ensure that tenants are happy and satisfied. However, despite their best efforts, building managers cannot fulfill every request. In this blog, we'll explore why building managers can't fulfill every request and how they can manage tenant expectations.

Reasons Why Building Managers Can't Fulfill Every Request

  1. Limited Resources

Building managers have limited resources, including time, money, and staff. They must prioritize requests based on their urgency and impact on building operations. Some requests may be deferred or denied due to lack of resources or other more pressing priorities.

  1. Building Policies and Regulations

Building managers must adhere to building policies and regulations. Some requests may be prohibited by these policies, such as requests to make structural changes to the building or alter common areas. Building managers may need to deny these requests to comply with regulations.

  1. Safety Concerns

Building managers are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure building environment. Some requests may pose safety risks to tenants or the building, such as requests to store hazardous materials in residential units or to make unauthorized modifications to building systems. Building managers may need to deny these requests to maintain a safe environment.

  1. Unreasonable Requests

Building managers may receive unreasonable requests from tenants, such as requests to provide excessive amenities or to make non-essential repairs. Building managers must use their judgment to determine which requests are reasonable and which are not.

Managing Tenant Expectations

Building managers can manage tenant expectations by communicating clearly and setting realistic expectations. Here are some tips for managing tenant expectations:

  1. Communicate Building Policies and Regulations

Building managers should communicate building policies and regulations to tenants to prevent misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations. They should provide tenants with a clear understanding of what they can and cannot do in the building, and the reasons behind these policies.

  1. Set Realistic Timelines

Building managers should set realistic timelines for addressing tenant requests. They should communicate with tenants about the expected timeline for addressing their request and provide updates if there are any delays. Setting realistic timelines helps manage tenant expectations and reduces frustration.

  1. Provide Alternative Solutions

Building managers should provide alternative solutions to tenants when they are unable to fulfill a request. For example, if a tenant requests a structural modification that is not allowed, the building manager could suggest alternative modifications that would be allowed. Providing alternative solutions shows that the building manager is committed to finding a solution that meets the tenant's needs.

  1. Be Transparent

Building managers should be transparent with tenants about the reasons why they are unable to fulfill a request. They should explain building policies and regulations, safety concerns, and resource limitations that may prevent them from fulfilling a request. Being transparent helps build trust and credibility with tenants.

Use Nextlivin

Nextlivin's feedback tracker feature is a powerful tool that can help building managers streamline their tenant feedback process. With this feature, building managers can easily track and manage tenant requests, complaints, and feedback, all in one place. The feedback tracker feature helps building managers stay organized, prioritize requests, and ensure that every request is addressed in a timely and efficient manner.


Building managers play a vital role in keeping buildings running smoothly and ensuring tenant satisfaction. However, despite their best efforts, building managers cannot fulfill every request. By communicating clearly, setting realistic expectations, providing alternative solutions, and being transparent, building managers can manage tenant expectations and build trust and credibility with tenants. Building managers should continue to strive to provide excellent service to tenants while also maintaining a safe and secure building environment.

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