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December 30, 2022

Types of Apartments You Need to Know

In choosing a place to live, location, price, and accessibility are important factors. In addition to these things, the type and shape of the residence also has an effect on determining the comfort of living. With so many types of apartments available, this time we will discuss the various types of apartments that you need to know.


Studio apartments are small apartments with an open floor plan. It consists of one bedroom combining the bedroom, living room and kitchen with a separate room containing a full bathroom. Variations of studio apartments include alcove studios or convertible studios.

Alcove Studio

Alcove Studio is the same as a traditional studio but generally has an L partition in the living area. In other words, there is an alcove or alcove for the bed. This makes the area easier to cover for more privacy.

1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR

The BR code itself stands for "Bedroom" which means Room. So, if you see a list of apartments described as 2 BR, it means that the apartment has 2 bedrooms.


Loft apartments generally have one large, open room with high ceilings. Other characteristics include large, tall windows, exposed brick, and support beams, as lofts are often found in renovated commercial buildings.

Garden apartment

Garden apartments are apartments on the ground floor or basement with direct access to a private outdoor space. It is recommended to inspect these types of apartments in person as they often have safety or pest problems.

High-rise, Mid-rise, Low-rise

We have discussed the types of apartments based on their height here.


A penthouse is an apartment or unit on the highest floor of an apartment building, condominium, hotel or tower. Penthouses are usually distinguished from other apartments by luxurious features.

Those are the terms from various types of apartments that you need to know.

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