November 1, 2022

The Many Features Offered by Nextlivin for Building Management (Part 1)

As we know, building management sometimes experiences many problems in the apartment management process. For example, there is some miscommunications between the building manager and the tenant, due to the lack of space for the tenant to submit a complaint or message to the building manager. There are also examples such as errors that occur when booking facilities, where building managers cannot directly access data on tenants who order and want to use the facility.

But with Nextlivin application for building management, all of these problems can be overcome and provide a better experience for both the tenant and the building manager. So, what are the features offered by Nextlivin application for building management?

In this blog, Admin will explain what problems are experienced by apartment managers, and what solutions are provided by Nextlivin, to help them.

Data Management

We know that there are still many building managers who manage their data manually, because it’s believed that the data will be more secure. However manual data management is also inefficient, such as files will pile up and there is a risk of files being lost, also more manpower will be deployed.

For this reason, Nextlivin is here to offer user data management features. Where tenant data and apartment staff data will be managed digitally. The data management feature also provides several other services, such as access cards for tenants, as well as management staff, which will increase the security and comfort of the apartment environment.

The new data management feature will allow tenant and apartment staff data to be managed digitally. This will streamline the process of creating and maintaining records, as well as reducing the risk of data loss. The feature will also allow for better tenant communication, as tenants will be able to access their records via the tenant portal. In addition, the data management feature will provide apartment staff with reports on tenant activity, which can be used to improve tenant satisfaction. Overall, the new data management feature will improve the efficiency and accuracy of tenant and apartment staff data management.

Event Management

One of the expectations of the building manager is that the tenants want to know each other and be close to each other. What we know is that people's lives in apartments are very individual, very different from people in housing. Various efforts and methods have been made by the building management, such as holding meetings or events for tenants. It's just that sometimes the events held by the building management have not been able to attract the attention of the tenants. Due to the delivery of information that is still less efficient because it is still using a manual system.

With the event management feature at Nextlivin, building management will find it easier to manage the events they will hold. Where information will be received by tenants in the form of notifications. Event invitations are in the form of RSVP which can be directly selected by tenants. That way, the preparation of the event carried out by the building manager will also be better prepared.

Those are examples of features that Nextlivin presents to help simplify building management work, and also simplify the daily lives of tenants. There are many other features that we will discuss again in the next blog.

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