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December 22, 2022

The ideal pets for apartment life

Having a pet to come home to every day is the nicest thing for animal lovers. Whether you rent or own your house, having a pet nearby can make you feel protected, at ease, and like you are spending more time at home. What animals are the best for apartments since 72% of renters own dogs, per the Humane Society? We have some recommendations.


Cats make excellent pets for apartment dwellers who can't constantly be at home because of their independent nature. They don't mind being left alone, but if you're gone for a while, make sure they have full bowls of food and drink as well as a clean litter box. Too much time alone with them gives them a chance to damage the area around your residence. Keep the doors locked when you're not there to keep an eye out in any rooms where you don't want them to harm the furniture. Cats often sleep 15 hours a day, so entertaining them doesn't need much effort.


Aquascaping is a popular hobby since there is so much to learn about it. Your aquarium may really reflect your individuality, whether you have a saltwater or freshwater tank and utilize genuine or artificial plants. In addition, it can provide style to your residence without taking up much room. Another great first pet is a fish. When it comes to feeding them, they are rather low-maintenance creatures, but taking care of their surroundings is a little more difficult. Weekly work is required to keep tanks clean and to maintain the quality of the water, and the hours add up. Good advice: start with a tiny tank and simple fish if you believe fish are the greatest pets for apartments. Consider goldfish and tetras.


Anyone who has seen a hamster cruising around in one of those balls understands how entertaining and adorable they are to watch. Due to their low maintenance requirements and small size, these furry tidbits make wonderful apartment pets. Given their diminutive size, hamster and gerbil cages are very small. You can adjust to the space you have, but if you want to add one of those tube mazes to crawl through, that's another matter. You'll have the most fun playing with these creatures right before bed because they are both nocturnal. When you are gone during the day, they will likewise be sleeping.

Guinea Pig

Given how little maintenance they require, guinea pigs are among the best pets for flats. All they require is a cage or crate and other necessities for daily life. They only require your care when you are usually already home because they will sleep all day. Guinea pigs enjoy playing with other animals in addition to being content in their cage as long as they have a few toys. This could be letting them spend some unsupervised time outside of their pen each day so you can play with them and give them lots of cuddles, or it might just mean getting them a friend. No one will feel lonely if you purchase guinea pigs in pairs, but there will be more mess for you to clean up.

Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs are not a common pet, but those who do will undoubtedly receive numerous compliments on their decision. Hermit crabs can add so much charm to your room, especially if you give them a decorated shell to live in. A hermit crab habitat can be built with very little effort. All you need are some climbing toys, shells, and sand. You just need to arrange everything in an air-filled tank with a tiny food bowl and water bowl. A person who wants a pet they can play with but also one they can just let sit and hang out without any consequences should get this animal.


The ability to train rabbits is what makes them the coolest. This implies that they'll walk on a leash and use a litter box like a cat or a dog. They don't require as much exercise as a puppy, but they do enjoy playing and cuddling and have just as much personality as more commonplace apartment pets. Even though they thrive in compact spaces, you still want them to have room to roam when you're not home. For that reason, some owners would commit a little bit more space than a regular rabbit cage, while others go all out and offer their bunny its very own room. Because they enjoy playing, rabbits require a lot of toys.


It takes a strong person to keep a bird as a pet. To properly care for these apartment dogs, you should have prior expertise as a pet owner. Breed should also be taken into account when determining a dog's size, lifespan, and temperament. Smaller birds, such as finches or canaries, are frequently easier to maintain and are more popular in apartment complexes. It can be a little more difficult to raise larger birds as an apartment pet, such as parrots and cockatoos. Given that they can live for more than 50 years, they also require a significant commitment. Birds are noisy, but it's lot easier to put up with a few chirps and the scratching sound of them playing than it is to endure constant squawking from large birds. However, they require attention, whether it comes from you or another bird buddy.


What is a turtle's best feature? They never meow, squeak, squeak, bark, or squawk. They are completely silent. They move fairly slowly, so even if they ever manage to escape their pen, it's highly unlikely that they'll manage to escape from you. Turtles are excellent at helping you consume all the produce you buy for yourself before anything goes bad because they eat a consistent diet of fruits and vegetables. Green vegetables, apples, and grapes are among their favorites. In addition to having a longer lifespan, turtles might be difficult to care for because of their living conditions. A tank for turtles must include specialized lighting, a water filtering system, and temperature regulation. You don't need to play with them all that much, but you do need to keep a close eye on their living quarters.

Choosing a certain breed of pet to call your own is only the first step. Once you have the pet, you must keep it under control so as not to bother your fellow apartment residents. These hints can help with that. Whatever animal you choose:

  • Don't disregard your pet's personality; work with it.
  • Establish a schedule and follow it (especially when it comes to food).
  • Set aside time to play with and exercise your pet in the manner that suits them the most.
  • When you're not home, give your pet toys and other stimulation.
  • Accept that you might have some complaints, and if you don't live on the ground floor, pay attention to things like your pet's footsteps.

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