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November 27, 2023

Affordable Housing in Indonesia: The Difference Between Rusunawa and Rusunami

In the bustling cities of Indonesia, the quest for affordable housing has become an increasingly pressing concern. Amidst the towering skyscrapers and sprawling suburbs, two acronyms have emerged as beacons of hope for those seeking a place to call home: Rusunawa and Rusunami.

Mengenal Rusun

Dikutip dari Pasal 1 UURS No. 20 Tahun 2011, rumah susun, atau yang sering disingkat rusun, adalah bangunan gedung bertingkat yang dibangun dalam suatu lingkungan. Rusun terdiri dari satuan-satuan hunian yang masing-masing dapat dimiliki dan digunakan secara terpisah.

Satuan-satuan hunian rusun ini biasanya berukuran antara 18 m2 hingga 50 m2, dan mencakup fasilitas pribadi mendasar seperti kamar tidur, ruang tamu, kamar mandi, serta dapur. Selain itu, lingkungan rusun juga harus dilengkapi dengan fasilitas umum serta fasilitas sosial yang memadai.

The Difference Between Rusunawa and Rusunami

What is Rusunawa?

Rusunawa is an acronym for Rumah Susun Sederhana Sewa, which translates to "Simple Rented Apartments." As the name suggests, Rusunawa units are primarily available for rent, providing temporary housing solutions for low-income families, urban dwellers unable to afford traditional homes, and individuals seeking short-term accommodations.

Rusunawa units are typically small, ranging in size from 18 square meters to 50 square meters. They typically include basic living amenities, such as a bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchenette. Rusunawa complexes also typically offer shared facilities, such as laundry facilities, playgrounds, and parking.

How to Rent a Rusunawa

The process of renting a Rusunawa typically involves meeting specific eligibility criteria, which may include income limits, family size, and residency requirements.

Once deemed eligible, prospective tenants can apply through the designated authorities, often the local government or housing agencies.

The application process usually involves submitting documents such as proof of income, identification cards, and family certificates.

Rusunawa Pricing

Rusunawa rental fees are typically calculated based on the following factors:

  • Location: Rusunawa units located in more central areas tend to have higher rental rates.
  • Floor position: Units located on higher floors typically have higher rental rates.
  • Unit size: Larger units tend to have higher rental rates.
  • Amenities: Units with more amenities, such as a balcony or parking space, tend to have higher rental rates.

The maximum rent collection for Rusunawa units is set at 30% of monthly income. This means that a household with a monthly income of Rp10 million, for example, would be eligible to pay a maximum rent of Rp3 million per month.

In practice, however, Rusunawa rental rates are often much lower than the maximum. This is because the government often subsidizes Rusunawa rental rates to make them more affordable for low-income households.

For example, a Rusunawa unit in Jakarta with a monthly rent of Rp2 million may have a subsidized rent of Rp1.5 million. This means that the household with a monthly income of Rp10 million would only have to pay Rp1.5 million per month in rent.

Rusunawa rental rates are generally much lower than the rent of similar apartments in the private market. This makes Rusunawa a more affordable option for low-income households.

What is Rusunami?

Rusunami is an acronym for Rumah Susun Sederhana Milik, which translates to "Simple Owned Apartments." Unlike Rusunawa units, which are rented, Rusunami units are available for purchase, offering the opportunity for ownership and potential long-term investment.

Rusunami units are typically larger and more spacious than Rusunawa units, ranging in size from 21 square meters to 70 square meters. They also typically offer more amenities and customization options than Rusunawa units.

How to Buy a Rusunami

Purchasing a Rusunami typically involves securing financing, either through a bank loan or a government-sponsored housing program. Once financing is in place, prospective buyers can explore available Rusunami units through real estate agents or directly from developers.

The specific requirements for purchasing a Rusunami may vary depending on the developer, financing institution, and government regulations. However, general requirements often include proof of income, employment status, creditworthiness, and residency status.

The Difference Between Rusunawa and Rusunami

The key distinction between Rusunawa and Rusunami lies in their ownership status. Rusunawa units are primarily rented, while Rusunami units are purchased by individuals or families. This difference also affects the eligibility criteria and application process.

In addition to ownership status, there are several other key differences between Rusunawa and Rusunami:

  • Size: Rusunawa units are typically smaller than Rusunami units.
  • Amenities: Rusunami units typically offer more amenities and customization options than Rusunawa units.
  • Cost: Rusunami units are typically more expensive than Rusunawa units.


Rusunawa and Rusunami have emerged as important components of Indonesia's housing landscape, providing affordable and accessible living solutions for a diverse range of residents.

Whether seeking temporary accommodations or pursuing ownership aspirations, these housing options offer a path towards fulfilling the fundamental human need for shelter.

As Indonesia's urban landscape continues to evolve, Rusunawa and Rusunami will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in ensuring that affordable housing remains within reach for all.

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