If you met yourself from 10 years ago, How would you describe our technologies nowadays? From AI generated text to self-driving cars. Devices in our house are no different, There are a lot of new smart home devices that you could buy to make your home look modern. Let's face it, We want to be different and be the most up-to-date person, right? So we found some smart home technologies you should have by 2023.

Smart doorbell

Smart doorbells connect to smartphones to provide motion sensors, recorded video, and live streaming video that are all available from your phone. However, the majority of smart home gadgets need some DIY wiring and installation, which in some ways makes them more appropriate for houses. Many solutions are suitable for any modest home, despite the fact that some intelligent doorbells fall into this category.

Smart locks

For convenience and safety reasons, smart locks are worth considering if your apartment building doesn't allow limited access. There are smart locks that don't require DIY installs, but you'll need to seek permission from your landlord first. Many smart locks require you to drill holes or change the deadbolt.

Smart plug

In addition to being affordable, smart plugs don't distinguish between owned and rented properties and require no installation. Smart plugs manage the electronics and appliances in your house simply connecting into existing outlets. You may control appliances remotely, including the light, hair straightener, toaster, and coffee maker. You'll save money on your subsequent power bill and have piece of mind knowing that nothing was left on when you left the house.

Smart switch

If you forget to turn off the light after going to bed or if you want to leave a light on while you're away from home, smart lights make it possible to do so from your smartphone. The problem? You would need to replace every light bulb in your home in order to utilize smart lighting, which might be challenging if a light fixture in your apartment needs a certain bulb or if you're hesitant to make changes to the chandelier in your high-rise (not a bad problem to have, though, if you ask us). Instead of replacing your current light bulbs, you may manage them with a smart light switch.

Smart speaker

Smart speakers for the home are the height of convenience. Do you want to play music while you cook? Need to resolve a family argument about who won the Super Bowl in 2002? You don't need to Google it with voice-activated, automated smart speakers. You can speak out loud to make a request or ask a question. Smart speakers provide an economical way to obtain everything you want, whether you're cooking in the kitchen and don't have any free hands or you just want to know the weather for that day. Additionally, because smart speakers like the Amazon Echo come in a variety of colors and don't resemble a huge piece of metal, you can place one wherever without worrying that it will detract from the decor of your house.

Smart living app: Nextlivin

From booking facility in your apartment, receiving instant announcement from your building manager, paying maintenance fee, to handling feedbacks all done in one app. It's convenient, it's easy, it's digital and definitely something you need to make a smart home!

So those are smart home technologies you should have to modernize your home and impress any guess that visit your sweet and tech savvy home!

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