In addition to visual beauty, the aroma of a room can present the identity of the place. Feel that your home is missing something to make it truly luxurious and elegant? You may want to look into using home fragrances. Home fragrances not only freshen the air and uplift the mood, they can also double as decorative items around the house, taking your home interior to the next level. Read on to learn about four common types of home fragrances and the best ways to use them.

Aromatherapy Candles

Usually made with scented oils mixed into the wax, scented candles give off a pleasant aroma when burned. Scented candles are great for creating ambiance and can be placed anywhere around the house. However, they must be placed at a safe distance from small children and pets to prevent a fire hazard. The wick must be trimmed after use to prevent black smoke.

Reed Diffusers

Using porous woody reeds to attract fragrance oils and spread a pleasant aroma, reed diffusers are a relatively convenient, long-lasting, low-maintenance home fragrance option. Since there's no heat, flame, or electricity required to use a reed diffuser, you can place it anywhere in your home and have it smell good all day long. Best used to scent smaller spaces as the scent is more subtle.

Electric Diffuser

As the name implies, electric diffusers are powered by electricity to turn water and oil into a fine mist that disperses fragrance into the air. Many electric diffusers allow you to change the level of fragrance emitted or set a timer to only diffuse at a time that suits you. They are perfect for filling large rooms and are also safe to use all night.

Room Spray

A more targeted home fragrance option, room sprays offer a quick fragrance fix to eliminate bad odors or to keep things smelling great at the right time. Designed to function as air fresheners, they are suitable for people who move a lot around the house, as they offer great mobility and flexible concentration. It is advisable to use a room spray in conjunction with a longer lasting home deodorizer such as a reed diffuser, as the scent from room sprays will dissipate after some time.

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