October 26, 2022

Nextlivin and Its Role in Helping The Management of The Apartment

Many people choose to live in apartments. Living in an apartment provides benefits such as guaranteed security, and also the facilities offered by the apartment are very diverse.

One of the attractions of living in an apartment is also how the service of the staff and apartment building managers are always ready to help the daily life of the tenants there.

But did you know that sometimes apartment managers also experience problems in managing and working their apartment systems. Because the system is still manual, some services are sometimes less than optimal.

Welcoming Nextlivin

Therefore, Nextlivin is here, an application that will make it easier for users to work and carry out daily activities, like living in the future. Nextlivin, which has a mission to improve service and management of all properties, both apartments and other residences, to be better, easier and neater with only one application.

Not only building management, tenants will also be given convenience to carry out daily activities with the Nextlivin feature.

One example is the feedback feature, where tenants can easily submit complaints directly through the application, without having to fill out forms and visit the building management office. It also makes it easier for building managers, because they will get complaints that are given digitally, after which they can monitor the progress of reports. And there are many more examples of Nextlivin features that will greatly help the performance of apartment staff and tenants.

Nextlivin can be accessed via the web and the application makes it easy for anyone to use it, considering that currently smartphones are mandatory items for everyone.

Nextlivin also increases the value of the apartment to a modern apartment. Where staff and tenants only need 1 application for work and daily activities. Everything will be practical and easy because of the digitization system from Nextlivin.

That's today's blog about the introduction of Nextlivin. In the next blog, Admin will introduce Nextlivin through the existing features.

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