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With Nextlivin, you can easily manage all your property assets with all your devices.





A lot of work is still done manually, resulting in inefficient work and wasted time.
Paperwork keeps stacking and it is a hassle to maintain.
Communication between BM and tenants is not instantaneous.
Information is not instantly accessible so it is hard to stay updated.

We help and solve your business problems

We make it easy to manage property from anywhere.

The future of smartliving is here

Manage all your work with just one app, no more stress.

Here's what you get


Work easier

With our app, you fill feel 100% happier with your work and have a lot more free time.


Modern lifestyle

With everything digitalized, your property and tenants will feel like they are in the future.


Save money

Our app will reduce unnecessary expenses like papers and labour.

What we can do

Property management
Manage your properties with ease and less effort.
Event management
Optimized event preparation and RSVP.
Facility management
More organized facility management and booking.
Fast feedback
Controlized process and easy to track progress.
User management
More effective and secure data input.
Directed distribution of information

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