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December 30, 2022

Building Manager Must Know, How to Keep Tenants Happy

Making residents happy and keeping them happy throughout their stay is the biggest goal of building management. There are many ways to keep tenants happy, from friendly service to providing facilities that help tenants. In this blog, we will discuss in more detail how to keep tenants happy.

maintain facility function

Not only providing facilities, building managers must also ensure that the facilities in their property function properly and meet the needs of tenants. By carrying out periodic checks, the maintenance team can also avoid accidents when using the facility.

Fast service

No resident likes to be kept waiting. In this day and age instant service is the key to consumer satisfaction. By providing fast service for needs such as IPL payments or facility bookings, it can increase occupant satisfaction.

Guarantee security

Maintaining the safety of residents from natural disasters, fire, strangers, even when using facilities, of course, gives customers a feeling of security and comfort. Then don't forget cyber security on your tenant's personal data which can be used by irresponsible parties.

Build communication

As residents, most people prefer a building manager who can be talked to. Leave the rigid and fixed way of speaking like business negotiations and start the conversation by asking them about news and relevant matters.

How can Nextlivin help?

With Nextlivin, Maintenance fee Payments, Complaints, Feedback and notifications can be done instantly in 1 application which is certainly not a waste of time. Nextlivin can also provide a facility booking feature that can prevent occupants from scheduling errors. The main purpose of the Nextlivin application is to facilitate relations between building managers and thousands of residents in their properties.

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