Managing your property is

Managing your


property is now 

  • easier

  • effective

  • efficient

with our easy to use property tenancy management applications.


For Property Managers
For Tenants

Onboard and help your tenants discover the joy of living in your property through fast feedback, easy billing, and many more.

Send bills effectively

Set the formula and sit back as reminders and notifications keep tenants on track.

Communicate with ease

Easily communicate with tenants and staff. Stay notified and track their progress.

Manage all facilities digitally

Set opening hours and availability for bookings, view active and past bookings.

Elevate your lifestyle with our property tenancy app. Experience quick and seamless communication with your property manager like never before.

Pay bills effortlessly

Get notifications and reminders for every new invoice with our digital payment system.

Communicate with ease

Easily communicate with your property manager with our feedback ticket system.

Book facilities comfortably

Efficiently book your available property facilities from the comfort of your own room.

Power your property with our all-in-one application



Billing / IPL Payment

No need to queue anymore, paying bills is now easy with our digital payment.

Feedback Management

Track and get notifications for every feedback submitted by your tenants or staff.


Broadcast system to keep everyone updated.


Organized facility management and booking.

Unit Management

Manage your tenant units with ease.

With 99% Reliability


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Live chat


QR Setup


Quick setup and user-friendly

Only takes 1 minute to sign up, no need to wait for months.
Create Company
Add properties
Add units

Maximum flexibility and control

Create permissions, set controls, and assign roles to all your staff members.

Work from anywhere

Our apps work across all devices so you can work with more freedom.

What's the benefit?


Our studies and surveys proved that by using our service, property owners can save up to 30% of their total expenses.


The same studies proved that Nextlivin can increase your tenant satisfaction and gain up to 50% happiness.


Work ten times the efficiency. We do all your tedious work so you can focus on what’s really important.

Specially crafted for properties of all sizes


Boarding Houses
and Dorms


Small & Medium Apartments


Big Apartments



What are you waiting for?

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What is Nextlivin?

Nextlivin is a property tenancy management app that allows easier work for building managers and helps tenants to manage their daily properties task and tenancy digitally.

How do I sign up for Nextlivin?

Currently we are reserving limited spot for early adopter. If you are interested please fill our form to be contacted by our sales team.

When can I start using Nextlivin?

Right now, Nextlivin is still on development stage. However our team is getting faster and faster everyday so you can use it in the first quartal of 2023.

How can Nextlivin solve my tenancy problem?

With Nextlivin, You will be able to connect with your tenants and fix their issues instantly.

Is Nextlivin free to use?

Nextlivin offers a free for one month service to anyone.

Is Nextlivin affordable?

Yes, Nextlivin is affordable. For more pricing information, click here.
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